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The following is an alphabetical list of Nintendo DS games with a special Game Boy Advance linkage function. When the corresponding Game Boy Advance game cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, special features are unlocked in the Nintendo DS game.

What are the names of ALL the harvest moon and Pokemon games for Nintendo DS? Not the ones you put in the GBA slot, the ones for ONLY DS. I love these games, i had a Harvest moon game for game cube, and fell in love xD Ruby (DS) | The Harvest Moon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Louis) is a character in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. 1 of 3 Add photo Ruby is the owner of the Inner Inn ... Friends of Mineral Town (or Cute with Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town) via GBA slot on your DS, the rooms on the second ... harvest moon DS gba linkage with slot 1 + 2 cards. | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community I have an Edge DS in my ds lite along with a slot 2 ez 3in1. I use gbaexploader from my slot 1 card for gba emulation. Harvest Moon DS and harvest... List of Nintendo DS games with GBA connectivity | Nintendo | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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I have an Edge DS in my ds lite along with a slot 2 ez 3in1. I use gbaexploader from my slot 1 card for gba emulation. Harvest Moon DS and harvest moon DS cute have a functionality of unlocking content once you've booted the DS game with the gba game in the DS's gba slot. Desmume - Harvest moon DS and Friends of mineral town… Emulation > GBA slot. This screen will pop up. Browse for the gba game, which should be in your DS ROM folder and click Ok. To check that the DS canOpen the Harvest moon DS rom. Pretty neat huh? Note that the gba game has been identified, That is good. Launch the DS game and keep these...

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NDS Cheats - Harvest Moon DS Wiki Guide - IGN Harvest Moon DS at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.Because of the numerous variables in the game that are randomly decided (such as weather, crop success, mining, et cetera), it's a good idea to save your game each and every time your character goes to bed. DS -> GBA Connectivity in Harvest Moon? | NeoGAF

If you have stumbled into this blog, You're probably playing 'harvest moon DS' on Desmume, and don't have the bonus content from 'friends of mineral town'. I also had trouble finding anything on the internet, and spent a lot of time playing around with the emulator 'Desmume' so I could get harvest moon to simulate the link between itself and FoMT.

Harvest Moon DS Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough,… Have the Game Boy Advance game Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town or Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town in the cartridge slot for characters from the corresponding game to appear in Harvest Moon DS. Battle mini-game. If you inspect your dog's house at 4:44 a.m., the Witch Princess... Harvest Moon DS en Qwant Games Harvest Moon DS (牧場物語 コロボックルステーション, Bokujō Monogatari: Korobokkuru Sutēshon) est un jeu vidéo de type simulation de vie / RPG. Le joueur doit s'occuper d'une ferme tout en essayant de récupérer les 101 lutins et la Déesse des moissons envoyés dans un autre monde par la Princesse... Harvest Moon DS - Wikipedia