Dfa slots not yet available

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everytime I check their site their is no slot available already..Slot from January to June is already full..How come that April to June is full already so does this mean that those slots were already taken by these travel agencies in which you have to pay higher amount which will be divided both by the travel agency and some of the DFA personnel conniving with these agencies compared to the ... AUXILIARY MENU - Department of Foreign Affairs When will slots be opened? / Why are there no available appointment slots? Appointment slots for March to May 2019 are still available. If you do not see available online appointment slots, it does not necessarily mean that they have been completely taken up. Please CLICK REFRESH as online appointments become available from time to time. WALK-IN PASSPORT APPLICATIONS at the DFA: Is ... - Pinoy Roadtrip If a satellite office is just new or has not configured their system to allow online appointments, they allow walk-in applications for a limited time before their system is configured to allow online appointments.(See the news on Walk-in passport applications at DFA Ali Mall for a limited time)

This appointment and scheduling system allocates slots on a first come, first served basis. Limited slots are available per site and there is no guarantee that a slot will always be available for a user's first choice for an appointment schedule.